Antiques, Aquariums (small), Artificial Christmas Trees, Artificial Flowers/Plants, Bedding, Blinds, Books -Paper & Hardback, Clocks (all sizes), Clothing (all types), Curtains/Rods/Shades, Decorations, Dishes (All types), Draperies/Rods, Fireplace Screen/Doors, Glasses, Hangers (plastic/wire), Holiday Decorations, Iron/Ironing boards, Jewelry, Kennels (Animal), Luggage, Mats , Mirrors (all sizes), Pictures/Frames, Pillows, Plastic Bags, Pots & pans, Rugs (up to 15 feet), Sewing Machines/Materials, Shoes (all types), Suitcases, Towels, Tupperware/Rubbermaid, Wall decorations, Window blinds, Yarn,

Blenders, Bread-makers, Calculators, CDs, DVDs, & Cassettes, Cell Phones (working), Coffee Pots (non-industrial), DVDs and DVD Players, Electronics (working), Fans (regular fans only), Fax Machines (small), Heaters (portable and electric) High Chairs, Humidifier, Lap Tops, Police Scanner, Pressure Cookers, Printers (small, home use), Radios (incl. car radio), Scanners, Small Appliances, Stereo Equipment, Telephones, Toasters/Toaster ovens, Typewriter , VCRs/ Tapes /Video Equip.,

Bath Chair (regular), Bean Bag Chair, Bed Frames (all sizes- no waterbed frames), Bunk Beds, Cabinets (Free Standing and nothing homemade, small), Card Tables/Chairs, Chairs (Dining/Kitchen/Lawn) , Chest , Desk-wood , Dining Room Chairs, Dining Room Table , Dresser, Entertainment Center-Small , File Cabinets (up to 2 drawers), Foot Stool, Furniture, small (wood, plastic, wicker, etc. Un-upholstered only), Hammocks, Headboards & Headboard (w/ padding), Kitchen Chairs , Kitchen Island (Portable), Kitchen Table (small), Lamps/Shades, Lawn Furniture, Massage Table, Night Stands, Ottomans (any type), Papason Chair, Patio Furniture, Portable Closet w/wheels, Rocking Chair (wood), Shelves (wood, metal, and plastic [nothing homemade]), Stereo Cabinets, Stools, Tables (End, Coffee, Poker, Kitchen, Dining Room), Umbrellas (also for picnic tables), Wicker furniture,

Baby Items, Bassinets, Changing Tables, Clothing (all types), Diapers (unopened), Games (Puzzles, Board, Computer and Video Gaming systems-playstation, Nintendo, gameboys, ETC.), Kids power wheels, Pampers (unopened), Play Pens, Pool (childrens sizes only hard plastic), Power Wheels (kids), Riding Toys , Sand box (small), Shoes, Strollers, Stuffed Animals, Toys,

Clothing (all types), Purses, Shoes,

Clothing (all types), Shoes,

Animal Crates/Carriers , Bolts/Nuts/Nails/Screws, Book cases/shelves (small), Chandeliers, Christmas Trees (artificial), Coin Collections, Collectibles, Craft materials, Crutches, De-Humidifier, Fabric, First Aid Kits , Hats, Ice Cube Maker, Knobs (door), Ladders (up to 15ft long), Leaf rakes, Light Fixtures (box not req.), Magazines (all kinds), Make-up (unopened), Manicure Station, Mannequins, Musical Instruments, Patterns, Pet Cages/Kennels, Records, Rotisseries, Shower Chairs, Snowmobile dolly , Steam Cleaner, Tire Chains, Toiletries (unopened) , Transport chairs, Trellis (Plastic and Wood), Undergarments , Vacuums, Walkers, Wheel Barrow, Wheelchairs (small),

Chain Saws (electric only), Fertilizer Spreader, Garbage Disposal (new), Garden Equip., Power Tools (non-industrial), Roto-tiller (electric only), Table Saw (non-industrial), Tools (non-industrial), Weed Whacker,

Balance Beam, Bikes (in working order), Camping Equipment, Exercise Equip. (no Bow-flex or Nordic-track), Fishing Gear, Golf Caddy/Bag/Clubs, Porch Swings, Scooters, Skates (all types), Skis (all types and racks), Slides (Little Tikes only), Sporting Goods, Tricycles, Trophies, Weight bench with weights ,

Carpet (New w/No Padding, less than 12ft), Food (incl. canned), Homemade Items, Mattress Covers (any), Newspapers, Screens, Sinks, Tile Flooring, Tires, Vanity Sink Set, Window Shutters, Windows,

Carpet Cleaning Machine, Compost Machine (for trash), Computers, Console Stereo, Console T.V.s, Copiers (small), Hi-Fi (Hi-Fidelity), Monitors, Organs, Projection T.V.s, Projectors (home use), T.V.s MUST be less than 20” (small, no console or projection), Televisions MUST be less than 20” (non-console),

Adjustable Beds, Air Conditioner, Bar, Bath Chair (hydraulic), Boxspring, Cabinets (kitchen), California Beds, Captain’s Bed, China-Cabinet/Hutch, Convection Oven, Conventional Ovens, Couches, Cribs (w/drop down sides), Cribs (With or W/O mattress but NO Crib mattresses alone [no drop down cribs]), Cupboards, Daybed, Desks-metal, Dishwashers, Doors , Drop Down Cribs , Dryers, Entertainment-Center, Exhaust (oven), Fireplace (Electric & Small Only), Freezers, Fridges (Dorm size included), Furniture Padding, Futon Matt. Alone, Hide-a-bed, Hospital Beds, Kitchen Cabinets, Leather, Naugahyde, Vinyl Furniture-(anything upholstered), Lift Chairs (upholstered), Love Seats, Mattresses, Medicine Cabinets, Microwaves, Office Chairs, Office Furniture , Ovens, Overstuffed Chairs, Pianos , Picnic Table, Recliners, Refrigerators (Dorm size incl.), Rollaway Bed, Sleep Number Beds, Steamer Trunk, Stoves, Trundle Beds, Upholstered Furniture, Vinyl upholstery, Washing Machines, Waterbed Frames, Waterbeds, Wooden Couch & Cushions,

Car Seats ,

Air Filtering System, Aluminum Cans, Artificial Limbs, Auto parts/Equip., Back Braces/Leg Braces, BBQ Grill- charcoal, BBQ Grill-propane, Bird Seed (unopened), Buffet, Car Ramps (even small are a no), Car Top Carriers, Carpet Padding, Ceiling Fans, Commodes, Concrete Cinderblocks, Cosmetics (opened), Counter Tops, Credenza, Encyclopedia Book(s), Flammable Liquid, Furnace, Gas, oil, items using gas or oil, Glass Recyclables, Heaters w/OIL , Hot Water Heaters, Incinerators, Light Bulbs, Mangle Iron, Medicine, Money, Oil Radiant Port Heaters, Paint, Plastic Recyclables, Ponds (smaller sizes), Propane Grills, Propane Tanks, Prosthetic Limbs, Ramps (any), Scrap Metal, Scrap Paper, Stain, Stove Fans/Vents, Swamp Coolers , Toilet Seats (no toilets), Toilets (even new ones), Truck Bed Tool Box, Vending Machine (ask your Sup.), Water Cooler, Water Heater, Water Softeners, Wheel Rims, Wood Burning- Stove, Wood Paneling, Wood Stain,

Air Compressors, Floor Buffer, Futons (Frame only), Garage Door Opener, Riding Lawn Mower (drop off @ store only), Snow blower, Wood-chipper (small, non-commercial),

Air Hockey Table, Back Stretcher, Basket Ball Hoop & Stand (portable only), Basket Ball Hoop w/Backboard, Bike Rack, Bikes (in need of repair), Boats (see below), Bowflex, Bowling Balls, Bullets , Bumper Pool Table, Canoes, Deer Stand (Free Standing), Elliptical Machine, Firearms, Foosball Table, Golf Carts, Guns, Hockey Tble (air), Home Gyms, Inner Tubes (no leaks), Kayak, Motorized Scooters: (Little Rascal, Hoveround, & Segway), Nordic Track, Pin Ball Machine (ask your Sup.), Ping Pong Tables, Pool Tables, Row Boats, Swimming pools (only accept kid’s plastic pools), Swing Sets, Total Gyms , Treadmills, Tree Stands (only free standing),